About Us

A small business seeking to expand and grow its capacity.
A persons desire to achieve what some feel is "impossible".  
A driven cause greater than our own.
These are only some of the reasons we exist as a growing fashion retail company. But the main reason we travel this amazing journey, is for you
We have always been inspired by the accessory fashion communities, and the biggest thing noticed about people wearing fashion watches and jewelry was, "they were always happy to stop and talk about their fashion items". Even if it caused them to be late for an engagement, they were still willing to show off the "goods". And of course they should. Why would we wear something like jewelry if we simply weren't willing to show it off?
So as a company, we have socially tested everything in our inventory.  And we only use those with the highest demand and approval by our fans, friends, colleagues, and the regular people we speak with, regarding their personal fashion needs. Just about anyone who would like to see us grow and express what peaks their interest's.
Your interests!
So what are we at NextGenEnterprise, and how are you part of the NextGeneration
NextGenEnterprise is a Retail, eCommerce store run entirely online. We have chosen this method over opening an actual location, for the Convenience, and easement of our customers ability to make a comfortable, confident purchase, in the privacy of their own homes, cubicles-shhh, we won't tell ;) or just about anywhere you can get a wireless signal...
NextGenEnterprise is always open and literally in your pockets.
Established October 10th, 2016 by Erick M Keller of Massachusetts, upon the graduate completion of Entrepreneur Business SPARK HOLYOKE program. Our Company and its products/affiliates sell currently on 4 different formats. 
This eStore platform is marketing 100% professionally manufactured designer merchandise for less than our known competitors. If there is anything with our products you would like to see, should see, want to see, even would not like to see. Please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 
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