Since our launch, we have spoken with many people about things they enjoy, what peaks their interest when it come to fashion etc. What we have found, (believe it or not) was quite frankly astonishing.. Many of the people we spoke with were actually in the market for high end luxury jewelry. I couldn't really believe what I kept hearing. It was as if everyone had "wedding celebration" on they're mind when it came to what they were willing to spend. Just as a regular purchase instead. And these were regular people in public, online, etc. So, we have taken the initiative to go above and beyond, by immense amounts of research, communication's agreements, and contingencies, we managed to find...

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We have officially passed the point of no return Tuesday 2/21/17 as the final week into the 2nd month.  We truly hope, in hindsight everyone has had an excellent Valentines day? As we all know this is going to be a very, very interesting year (given the variable's we face) so we plan on making the absolute best of it.  Spring season is bearing down closer upon us with each passing minute. Not that we are complaining, nor should anyone else. Spring to us, is the sign that life survives another dormant rest and hastily must catch up for the lost time.  In a sense, this is the time for new people, relationships rebuilding, and renewing vows. Revamping ourselves to...

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