The purpose and existence of NextGenEnterprise (About Us)

Posted by Erick Keller on

NextGenEnterprise is a Retail, eCommerce store run entirely online. We choose this method over opening an actual location, for the strict Convenience and Easement of our customers ability to make a comfortable, confident purchase, in the privacy of their own Homes, Cubicles-Shhh, we won't tell ;) or just about anywhere you can get a signal...

Plus.... Who doesn't mind building credit? 

NextGenEnterprise is always open and literally in your pockets.

Established October 10th, 2016 by Erick M Keller of Massachusetts, upon the graduate completion of Entrepreneur Business SPARKS/STARTERS.CO. Our Company and its products/affiliates sell currently on 4 different formats. 

Only this eStore platform is marketing 100% professional manufactured merchandise.

So we welcome you to our very first blog, (post intro) and shall have many more coming with all the neat details of event's, Sales, Promotions, Rare finds and all that cool Jazz.

With that. Thank you for visiting NextGenEnterprise~We are the NextGeneration

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